I’ve Adorned My Walls With What I Love

Well, I’ve made it here to my first post on my first blogsite. It is somewhat exciting. I guess I just have to jump right in. 😀

I often get to these blank pages and simply decide it is a good place to start a poem. Sometimes I’ll like what I’ve written enough to post it, or I like what I’ve written but decide to save it for another time, or often I will find myself stretching my pinky over to the delete button and erasing it all.
It is something that only I know about. A small event occurring behind the veil. Since I have decided to write my thoughts, however, I feel I should open up the curtains and type whatever words may be shifting through my mind. And so here I will start a new poem and deleting isn’t an option. Hopefully it’s not too bad. Enjoy !

Darkness trailed behind the lone Knight
As she strode into the light
Riding a magnificent Stallion
A star pleaded to be let free
To fly among the skies as she
To make its way to the end
and to the future
The star calls out to thee
A tree shivers and begs
to be uprooted
to be given the gift of movement
and to have a soul like hers
And here I am
Wishing only to be able to stand
to catch a glimpse of a hero
too far ahead of where I am
but I can see the Star
and I see the tree
which you have made
they tell me that my life is far from
the end
And so I feel your warmth
and begin to move again