A Game of Chess? Maybe.

11:53 PM
The sound of metal sliding on metal.
Curtains being drawn
Your eyes, 
They glisten in the rain
A piece of you is all i ask for
I Demand that i have you
(So normal, boring…)
I wish every one would see you this way
But you’ve made it difficult for me
To keep you to myself.
They still glisten as they 
Fall into my hands, 
Your falling
Into my world  
Destroying it
Buildings broken
Towers torn yet
They still glisten…
In silence
I wait for you to acknowledge me
And there in the distance, 
It seems as though you’re waiting for me.


Death and forgiveness

A burning plane nestled in its crater
Persistent cells nestled in one’s mind
Ice Age, Heat Waves, fighting in the dark 
Who can tell when a fire may start 
Or the perfect place to hide ?
A monstrosity, a tragedy
A desperate plea
For help.
Death will occur
Though the time is a mystery 
To all but 
One, the God we seek,
Ticking time
Bomb no one can stop
Before your last breath 
Before you go   
He can save you from
Imminent death
Please understand my heart
I wish for not one to part 
And fall into an everlasting pain [Know that I love you…]