My Father:

I love you.

Who does he belong to?
Running away, The Night has left
Me here with my Thoughts
They fight among each other
Disowning and reclaiming this diamond
I sit unlit, small, nervous
How is it I am seen?
This is why I love you
You have given me things
Which I do not deserve
And I thank you.

-Your daughter 🙂

The Narrow Path

Another second,
Another Day
Empty thoughts
Pouring into
My bottomless cup
I’m thirsty.

Heavy sky
Breaking my Being
Existence falling
A part
Of me
Needs to hear
That voice

My happiness
Dangling far from me
What must I do
To keep you
To convince you
Ocean rushes
Over the thought of you
Drowns my hello
Salt in the sea
Molds me

It’s the beating and pounding of life’s bitter ends that keep me going; make me strong enough to climb the tower leading to everlasting peace.