The Answer…

Okay, so far I like where it is headed. :]

Words fell from his mouth, effortlessly pouring out his heart, giving us a piece of his soul…

I met him, first in my mind. A man who was perfect in every way. He smiled and agreed with me. He had a perfect life. I did not know him, but it was this image that I gave him, in hopes that a man as talented as he would not ever go through suffering. It was my hope that pain would not dare damage him. How wrong I was. To wish and to dream that someone can defeat the world’s cruelty will do nothing, but add to the selfishness I was attached to since birth. I faced his tragedy years ago. The eyes of a man in the process of losing his sanity. My heart barely beats these days. How can I murder what is destroying the people I care about? The people I’ve come to adore from afar? For this man I still have not met, but only seen and heard. And my heart breaks at the thought of his smile vanishing.

I began to reflect upon pain and suffering. I began to see his silhouette fighting the demons that so desperately try to rule over him. How could I reach out and stop the raging fists? He does not need to fight his own fights, but to let go of his life. If I could help him let go of his everything, he could see clearly the Weaknesses of these dark angels. My solution is to turn to He who saved my life. My tears were unending at the loss of his presence. My body was nervous and I felt like it would never stop shaking. His voice however picked me up. It was the voice of my Heavenly Father, my Savior that pulled me out of the dark mist I had called home. I must ask Him to do the same for this talented man, this boy of His.

2 thoughts on “The Answer…

  1. Vinay Jalan says:

    🙂 Nice one

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