Here I Go.

Your absence drives me to the wall my dreams crashed into
Thoughts of embracing only echos of your soul…

Find me today
Look for me
and you’ll see
My search for you
Never ended,
I’ve always asked you to stay

Fire dripped from
The swaying lamps
Stopped me in my tracks
Torches burned old
images I thought I left behind.

Take my passions
take my hope
take what makes me an adult
Take my voice
Please, take it all
I’ve lost what I’m about.

Find me in my corner
My hiding place
My playground.
Where words dance
and run for miles.

Turn around
and mention me
I’m waiting for your smile.

2 thoughts on “Here I Go.

  1. writerkid says:

    Wow. I love the raw emotion in this!

  2. Thank you, writerkid! I feel that sometimes in poetry I just need to braid the emotions running through me at the time, with whatever the topic is I’ve decided to write about.

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