Thinking; Hiding.

People fail at things. Miss their goals and whatnot. Disappoint those around them. I felt like that recently. It was a result of my own procrastination, but I was slightly surprised by the out-pour of disappointment, of disgust in my failure by others. This has happened before of course, but when I accomplish something, anything, I get no more then a pat on the back, if any recognition at all. This is fine and hardly a problem, as failures can help one grow. It did however inspire a poem in which I felt… pretty much what the poem states:

It is fear
I cannot defeat
Failure seems to
Follow closely

How many times will I disappoint?
I thought I was safe, invisible…
But only my accomplishments go unseen
Its my worthlessness,
My Imperfections that
Gain your views.
How can I?
How can I stand when your stare
Weighs me down

Kill me with images
Of a girl lost
With no hand to hold onto
Or mind to spill her soul into,
No eyes to read

Just a small jagged stone lost
In the side of a mountain.

Who can see me?

One thought on “Thinking; Hiding.

  1. Hey, thanks for the comment. Your stuff looks cool.

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