The past few days I’ve been up rather late. Really late. I mean five hours of sleep sounds like a good amount, but I just can’t function off anything more or less than 7-8hrs. Coffee is wonderful during these times, but I get the espresso filled drinks from Starbucks such as their Americano or Iced Starbucks Double Shot. Those drinks tend to cause my body to shake with more energy than I really need. I mean I work in an office. I guess I could run to the mailbox….

Anyway my point being that I need to find a good balanced place for my mind to be, energy-wise that is. I’ve also been buying paydays lately and forgetting to eat them. Yesterday I had left one in my drawer at the office. I was pleasantly surprised to find it today. It was like a gift to myself XD
This has happened twice and it’s always a welcomed surprise. ^-^

2 thoughts on “Shaking

  1. Hi just wanted to check out your blog as you came to visit mine and kindly left a comment. Nice place you have here!

  2. Thank you, I try to keep the dust from collecting. ^-^

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