List of Life Goals (for the next two weeks x)

Our folks will be leaving the house for two weeks. They will be embarking on a two week missions trip to Israel. This event has triggered an eagerness in me to organize my life. To clean and reach goals and perfect anything that’s been sitting in the sidelines. I just want to complete as many things as I possibly can. It’s no secret that I can never seem to complete any of my Projects! Today’s great weather seemed to contribute to this “accomplish” mode, as well as a secret my mom shared with me. :]

So, at last here is my list of Life goals to be completed within the next two weeks:

• Wash Umi – Squeaky Clean
• House Break Umi
• Wash Nemo – Squeaky clean
• Walk Umi twice a day.
• Clean out my iTunes music
• Clean room until spotless, organize drawers, closet, etc.
• Learn hotkeys on StarCraft 2
• Achieve Sims 3 life achievement for animal lover Sim
• Order supplies needed for craft books
• Find USB Flashdrive
• Clean house ‘til spotless
• Fix problem in the backyard
• Organize office desk

  • Clean Fish Tank
  • Buy new Betta for Tank
  • Clean Betta Bowl
  • • Register Umi to CGC Training classes
    • Spend no more than $58 (not including bills)

    -Start Date Nov. 06 2011
    -End Date Nov. 20 2011

    I’m excited to embark on my own little journey.

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