I Was Elated to Hear From Him.

After a not so long day of work, I arrived at my place of residence. The evening went pretty normal. I let our dog, Umi, inside, took a shower, began tidying up, when Umi decided to pee inside. I let Umi back outside, then made my self a shake consisting of ice cream, milk, a banana, and Reeses peanut butter cups. I then sat in front of my laptop and began to practice my Crocheting. All normal. I had left a ton of tabs open and saw one flashing. Let’s see who is IMing me I thought. It was my dad. I was surprised, as he is hardly ever online, and is not computer savvy. It truly was a pleasant surprise. I love and miss him very much, and I am praying that I get to see him in January.

A year flies by
Then maybe two
A day, and time only grew
As memories
Sank and I wondered
If life would ever understand?
I need to wave
Speak, hug you
To stay alive.
And so a goal I made
To never forget
And always pray
For the world’s best man
To never forget us
We can only
Love him, let him know
I would dig through concrete, through snow
To illustrate the love that can only grow.

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