Let Me Be The Hope That Must Exist

The heat murdered what was left of my little army.
The soldiers that held my motivation melted and
Fell through the grate that was to protect my hope.
The beaten motivation hid the light with a tar like substance,
What does one do when emotions are not enough?
When reality is too real, too blunt,
When you feel that you would rather keep your insanity
Than face the blood and fear in the people you love

How does one shake off the frustration, the hurt
Of being strapped into a role you didn’t ask for?
When a father’s betrayal or the disapproval of a mother
Break the heart of an otherwise brave and compassionate soul
Where does one turn, when even the sun won’t lift the darkness?
The thoughts of the mad merging with mine,
At times I feel that I am pointless,
That I fight for nothing.
This is the insanity I bring.

Then I see the eyes of a broken being,
And I understand at least one of us has to stand
At least one of us has to burn brightly
And if we are one, I can escape the tar, the fear
With a fire that can tear the despair,
Char the vines that try to choke me
If I hang on to the insanity, I won’t have arms
To extend to the world, arms to illustrate
The hope, the life that still exists
Fists to fight, to beat down the ones who try to smother my light, my existence.