To God I Give My Soul

I had forgotten about what I used for this blog site, until I looked up and actually read my url. I like it. This is the first time I have been reminded, in a long time, about how I felt about this life. 

I’ve always viewed this life as temporary. I tried to live it the way I wanted, far from pressure, stress, or anxiety, but it isn’t so easy, is it? I try to think on times when I spoke to others about my faith, about the eternal life; life after death. I can only remember a few times. There was my friend in the fifth grade who inquired about it. I tried to explain as best I could, and I think I was able to vaporize a few misconceptions she had about my beliefs. 

There was that Jehovah’s witness outside of the starbucks, when I was a senior in high school. The guy my mom knew when I was a junior in high school. I’ve responded to several people online at two different forums. My sister’s old friend. My cousins. My brother, his girlfriend. Just people who have asked, and I responded. I don’t know any time that I ever initiated a conversation about life and my specific belief, other than to two internet friends. 

I often look back to days when I feel I could have spoken up. A biology teacher making a sweeping and incorrect statement about evolution and all the students scribbling down his nonsense… Why didn’t I say something then? 

It’s dark outside, but it’s still early. This is my favorite type of weather. There’s a breeze gently shaking the leaves and the clouds are hanging low, as if they are reaching for me. I have always loved this dark, cold weather. It’s beautiful. 

I’ll try today to tell someone that Jesus loves them. He died for you and He loves you unconditionally. 


2 thoughts on “To God I Give My Soul

  1. Evolution is Correct says:

    How did your teacher botch evolution? It’s a pretty simple fact. We all evolved from something. 🙂 The bible is wrong about creation.

  2. Hello Mr./Ms. :

    Thank you for your response. I don’t know what you expect me to respond with, but I am aware of the complexity of life and the beauty that surrounds us. You can tell yourself that it all happened over billions of years accidentally, but that would not explain the origin of the laws of physics, nor how something could come from nothing. I believe in evolution, or the adaptation of a species within it’s own kind, but not that we came from a single celled organism. I believe in the bible because the origins make sense when a Creator is placed into the equation.

    Thank you.

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