Processing Negatives

All the good and all the smiles

could never show me honesty. 

Your waves goodbye and hugs hello 

Are not enough to comfort me. 


I was thinking today. What is special about a blog? There are too many blogs, there must be one for everything. Then it crashed into me. They are thoughts. All unique to their writer. I feel everyone should have a place to log their thoughts. Whether it is written well or not does not matter. People are fascinating and here we have a window into their souls. Even if it is some small passion they are sharing, it is passion. The people reaching out online for whatever reasons are simply sharing their lives with the world. I adore them for it. There are probably a million blogs on blogging and thoughts, but this one is mine. It’s short, but it’s been put together by a string of words my mind has chosen which makes it something special. 🙂





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