This Road

There’s too much in a mind.

Too many thoughts that can not be verbalized.

A long path through a misty hill,

Tall grass, and fireflies, a natural light

and we walk for days.

For hours all we see is the dim light of a rising sun

and there are the eyes of a friend.

The burning hope in a Savior.

A long walk and we break through the dense mist

to see a forever in this temporary mess.

To listen to a sweet sound, and view eternity.


Thinking; Hiding.

People fail at things. Miss their goals and whatnot. Disappoint those around them. I felt like that recently. It was a result of my own procrastination, but I was slightly surprised by the out-pour of disappointment, of disgust in my failure by others. This has happened before of course, but when I accomplish something, anything, I get no more then a pat on the back, if any recognition at all. This is fine and hardly a problem, as failures can help one grow. It did however inspire a poem in which I felt… pretty much what the poem states:

It is fear
I cannot defeat
Failure seems to
Follow closely

How many times will I disappoint?
I thought I was safe, invisible…
But only my accomplishments go unseen
Its my worthlessness,
My Imperfections that
Gain your views.
How can I?
How can I stand when your stare
Weighs me down

Kill me with images
Of a girl lost
With no hand to hold onto
Or mind to spill her soul into,
No eyes to read

Just a small jagged stone lost
In the side of a mountain.

Who can see me?

Here I Go.

Your absence drives me to the wall my dreams crashed into
Thoughts of embracing only echos of your soul…

Find me today
Look for me
and you’ll see
My search for you
Never ended,
I’ve always asked you to stay

Fire dripped from
The swaying lamps
Stopped me in my tracks
Torches burned old
images I thought I left behind.

Take my passions
take my hope
take what makes me an adult
Take my voice
Please, take it all
I’ve lost what I’m about.

Find me in my corner
My hiding place
My playground.
Where words dance
and run for miles.

Turn around
and mention me
I’m waiting for your smile.

I’ve Adorned My Walls With What I Love

Well, I’ve made it here to my first post on my first blogsite. It is somewhat exciting. I guess I just have to jump right in. 😀

I often get to these blank pages and simply decide it is a good place to start a poem. Sometimes I’ll like what I’ve written enough to post it, or I like what I’ve written but decide to save it for another time, or often I will find myself stretching my pinky over to the delete button and erasing it all.
It is something that only I know about. A small event occurring behind the veil. Since I have decided to write my thoughts, however, I feel I should open up the curtains and type whatever words may be shifting through my mind. And so here I will start a new poem and deleting isn’t an option. Hopefully it’s not too bad. Enjoy !

Darkness trailed behind the lone Knight
As she strode into the light
Riding a magnificent Stallion
A star pleaded to be let free
To fly among the skies as she
To make its way to the end
and to the future
The star calls out to thee
A tree shivers and begs
to be uprooted
to be given the gift of movement
and to have a soul like hers
And here I am
Wishing only to be able to stand
to catch a glimpse of a hero
too far ahead of where I am
but I can see the Star
and I see the tree
which you have made
they tell me that my life is far from
the end
And so I feel your warmth
and begin to move again