A Good Moment.

So much more to say.

One night of thinking

Resulted in a short, sweet dream

Where I could see your expression, 

If only for a moment. 

It was a good moment. 


Sweet Procrastination

Dear whoever the heck reads this,

I had a dream last night, during my rare (but welcomed) 12 hour nap. In this dream I came up with an idea for a book. It seemed incredibly cheesy in my dream… and when I woke up for that matter. But upon recalling the idea, I think it is a good one. I might just start working on it today. Most likely I will start and either realize it’s heading in the wrong direction, or I will like where it’s going and eventually forget about it or move on to the next idea. However, I’m really hoping I can push this one through. I have nothing to do right now, well other then study for my insurance license. That has a deadline of 9/21. I really should finish the required hours. I mean if I don’t study tonight, when will I?

…But it’s such a good idea and I might forget if I wait too long. Writing it is! It may not provide me monies like getting my license would, but I enjoy writing.

Also Here’s a poem I just wrote like right now:

The sun has gone
and with it my energy has run
But here is the moon to drive my mind
into the warm embrace of imagery………..