If God was on my side.

I’m listening to Wasteland by NEEDTOBREATHE.


Certain voices, songs will just throw me into that mood. You know the mood that throws you into a blizzard of words, of thoughts. To ignore it should be a crime, is a crime. I think we are called to create in different ways. I think I’ll paint. I’m no good at it, but it seems to help the soul smile. I can hear my dog chewing her large nylabone. A simple life she has where chewing a toy could bring her joy. Isn’t that something? To be simple…


Working on this idea…

Stranded, a mind has no where to go, but back. Into the past, into the darkness that got it trapped in the first place. While it is on it’s way back, I invite you to read about a memory, something lovely, sweet, and painful. Abandoned. How did I end up abandoned?

A road, parallel to ours, created a path for the cars; for the people. All of them on their way to somewhere. Perhaps no where. Maybe here? Music provoking more thought. More thoughts of games once played. Songs I’d sing remembering the hills and grass as they would blur against my window. A window of memories. I’ve reached my hand into the glass before.

This is me. Soft reflection. Imperfections visible enough for me to notice them, and let them be.

A car window reveals more than I wish to know.