Slightly Sleeping

I’m getting back to writing. Here’s a poem I wrote a few days ago. My brother had said he was only slightly sleeping, and we began to laugh at how silly that sounded. But I figured I could probably get a poem out of that. I adjusted it to simple sleep, somewhat asleep, and wrote the following poem.

Awake I drone into a dream
Unflinching, creeping onto me
My mind begins to wonder,
What is that coming closer,
Grappling with my soul?
Am I walking, am I waking?
Have I gone into the world
I love, I miss, the times I simply slept

Sleep’s long fingers
Wrap around my throat.
A soft grasp causing me to choke
I sway and hope, it’s all I have
This sleep I keep right under me
If only it moved more rapidly !

I know not why I dream
Nor for whose sake
Always slightly sleeping
Never do I wake