I was feeling like I was trapping myself, or making myself quiet, when all I wanted to do was speak. I was very much frustrated when I wrote these.

Its a shy crush
A small wave not
Tall enough to break
Not wide enough to matter
My heart aches
And I shatter
At every
Step closer
Its something different
And unconquered
How can I cope?
When his stare
Causes me to choke, and lose hope
In myself?

Its how I feel in the moment.
How I lack a soul,
A tongue…
My conversation stops
Just talk!
The frustration is pitiful
I ache, I suffer,
In my silence I die
I cannot do what is important
That necessary trait humanity owns
I cannot speak!
Simply because
I won’t

Your eyes
Your movement
Your speech
Make me
Want to speak
To reach,
But here I am:

Hidden. My tongue unable to speak,
unable to describe what stirs in this heart.
The one thing I can do
I do inefficiently

4 thoughts on “Silence

  1. I so feel like that too many times… and then he ends up walking away…
    Beautiful post!

  2. More times than not.
    Thank you for letting me know you liked it!


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