This Road

There’s too much in a mind.

Too many thoughts that can not be verbalized.

A long path through a misty hill,

Tall grass, and fireflies, a natural light

and we walk for days.

For hours all we see is the dim light of a rising sun

and there are the eyes of a friend.

The burning hope in a Savior.

A long walk and we break through the dense mist

to see a forever in this temporary mess.

To listen to a sweet sound, and view eternity.


A late night thought.

I met him when I was six. They ran and played together. I sat alone and wrote in my diary. I wrote books that I could never finish. I’d illustrate the cover, and give it a title. I’d number all the pages and make sure the book was sturdy before ever giving thought to the words needed. I’d save the story for last. Too often I would write a story and leave out the middle and end.

“Don’t worry little book,” I’d say, “I’ll finish you someday.”

But I never did. I never did finish that little book about my dog and my cat. I started several new ones, never to have an end. I met him as a child, we left him soon after, but he remained a reminder of a pleasant time in my life. Seeing him much later, threw me back into the days that my family was whole and happy. It was a warm, sad feeling. My mind loves to wonder and wander and write my life away. What I write is true.

The image of a lonely child climbing up a tree. She sits upon it content, because she is free.  She waits for her savior to bring her home, and take away the feeling of being left alone.

One more…

I’m digging through I few poems I logged away. Here’s one more for today:

I am alone with my thoughts.

I blink, 

and there is the image of pastures wide and fenced, where my animals can play

I blink, 

and I see my home, and a long lost soul standing beside me, watching life glow

I blink for a moment and see comfort,

But the moment is always fleeing.

It runs from my reach and in its place – 

Is the ceiling fan…

The grass is gone, my pets have vanished, and I’ve no one to call my soul mate.

Sometimes I blink and in that short moment 

Live a fuller life. 

Today Is The Day

My mind runs and runs on thoughts. It never stops. Sometimes I sit back and think, If only I had somewhere to log all my thoughts… Haha!


Oh but, Elizabeth, you do have somewhere!


So here it is: a poem I did not want to share, I will share for you, internet. Then, later, I’ll share another. I want my blog to be as active as this silly mind of mine.


What can you do for me?

when waves wash over my

still body?

Will you rescue me

or leave my soul to dry?


When the fire burns close,

Will you cover me

or let my body burn to ash?


Will you roar and play

to see me smile?

Can you promise me to smile often

and laugh at all the silly jokes?


Will you hold on tight

and be my change?


Will I be left to wonder

for too long, if you’re

just another cloud?

Another puff of smoke

leaving this great long train


Or do you see in me what I saw in you?


Will you see that your eyes are too intense to ignore

Your passion too rare a treasure to pass

Your smile so sweet it causes my heart to ache

And your love,

Your love shines and echoes for our creator to see.

I hope you were made for me!


Please do not disappoint me, if you must go,

Go happily and never lack the passion I saw

Never stop inspiring

Never stop smiling

Never stop your intense stare, please never let your

excitement burn out.



To think a stranger could leave such a mark…

Love with purpose – my strange, unique muse.


Writing is so very fun. I wrote this one last night, while listening to Modest Mouse. I’ve noticed that their music makes me want to write.

Are there voices
Damaging a heart?
Are those questions
Picking us apart
A dry world never
Letting us press start
I see a little more
Each day
I find what makes
A heart
What drives my mind
Can only be found
In these hands of mine.

I Was Elated to Hear From Him.

After a not so long day of work, I arrived at my place of residence. The evening went pretty normal. I let our dog, Umi, inside, took a shower, began tidying up, when Umi decided to pee inside. I let Umi back outside, then made my self a shake consisting of ice cream, milk, a banana, and Reeses peanut butter cups. I then sat in front of my laptop and began to practice my Crocheting. All normal. I had left a ton of tabs open and saw one flashing. Let’s see who is IMing me I thought. It was my dad. I was surprised, as he is hardly ever online, and is not computer savvy. It truly was a pleasant surprise. I love and miss him very much, and I am praying that I get to see him in January.

A year flies by
Then maybe two
A day, and time only grew
As memories
Sank and I wondered
If life would ever understand?
I need to wave
Speak, hug you
To stay alive.
And so a goal I made
To never forget
And always pray
For the world’s best man
To never forget us
We can only
Love him, let him know
I would dig through concrete, through snow
To illustrate the love that can only grow.